Divinely Inspired

Sharing The Power Of Love Through Art

The Royal Eye – This artwork exudes an air of royalty, with its rich and vibrant colors, intricate details, and majestic composition. Every brushstroke seems to capture the essence of nobility and luxury, inviting the viewer to bask in its regal beauty

The Royal Eye

Messenger Of Hope

Representing the ability of the Archangel to bring light into even the darkest of situations. It serves as a powerful reminder that no matter how difficult our circumstances may seem there’s always hope for a better tomorrow. 

Recently Added Collections

Marina’s latest collection of abstract artwork showcases her versatility and unique artistic vision. It’s a testament to her unwavering commitment to create pieces that inspire and move others.

Kaleidoscopic Bloom

Inspired by the beauty of a Rose, This is a stunning interpretation of a flower  as viewed through the lens of a kaleidoscope. It’s bursting array of intricate patterns radiates outward from its center almost as if the flower is dancing and spinning within the kaleidoscope

Discovering My Passion: The Story Of Marina Arhangle

 My name is Marina Arhangel, and I am from Ukraine. Ever since I was 11 years old, I have dreamt of participating in the Miss Universe pageant to share with the world the most important message: the power of love in each person’s heart. I believe that this love and warmth, when embraced and shared, can bring about a peaceful world. Love will save the world!

Although I never had the chance to walk the Miss Universe stage, I have held onto this belief and now channel the energy of love and warmth through my art. I pour this energy into my paintings, despite never having had formal art training. I believe my artistic abilities are a gift from God, and that I am an instrument through which divine inspiration flows. Each of my paintings is intended to touch the viewer’s heart and evoke feelings of peace, joy, love, happiness, and abundance.

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